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Human errors have been identified as the most common causes of shipping accidents according statistics by the Swedish Club AB in Manila, Philippines.  Such errors are usually attributed to a range of factors including lack of teamwork, poor communications, risk taking, improper attitude and absent of a holistic safety at sea corporate culture. Stress, fatigue, complacency and failure to utilize available resources are other typical factors.

Fresh from a training seminar conducted by the Swedish Club AB, MD Katie MEN has conducted an in-house training to impart the knowledge she had acquired from the seminar.  She shared with ISEACO staff on various causes of shipping accidents and presented the skills and knowledge on safe shipping.

6 employees have successfully completed the course on 2nd and 3rd June 2014.  Each was presented with a Training Certificate issued jointly by the Swedish Club AB and ISEACO.

Kudos to Team ISEACO!

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